Knee Pain

There are many reasons that people get knee pain. Although functionally it is a simple joint, in reality it is very complex, relying on muscles and ligaments for its stability. People often associate knee pain with deterioration of the cartilage (meniscus), and fear that they may need an operation to resolve the issue. Whilst this may be the case, in my experience this is rarely needed.

Knee Pain relief in Bracknell

Knee Pain

Due to the knee being a load bearing joint, a lot of forces are place through it. Many problems therefore arise due to a problem elsewhere, such as the ankle, foot, or hip, often changing the way you walk and putting additional strain through the knee.

Sometimes something as simple as an imbalance in your thigh muscles can leading to tracking issues with the knee cap which leads to pain, particularly when going up or down stairs.

Once the underlying problem is properly diagnosed, treatment can be started to reduce pain, improve mobility and strengthen the joint.  If there is deterioration of the cartilage (Osteoarthritis) Osteopathy can help manage the condition, often reducing pain and potentially slowing the speed of deterioration by reducing abnormal stresses through the joint.

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