Poor Posture

Although not health condition or disease, a poor posture at work or at home can cause all sorts of issues, including strain to the lower part of the neck and mid back, headaches, rounded shoulders, and compromised diaphragm movement

At work, it’s really important to get your workstation set up properly to avoid back and neck strain, repetitive strain to the forearms and the onset of headaches.

How to avoid postural pain from poor posture

Workstation setup guide

At home, try not to work from a laptop for long periods, particularly if you aren’t sat at a desk that hasn’t been set up properly. Try to avoid working on a laptop unless you are you are sat properly (never when sat on the sofa or on your bed) with an external mouse and keyboard.

Pain relieve from poor posture in Bracknell

Pain from Poor Posture

Osteopathic treatment helps with pain from poor posture by off loading the joints that are put under strain from a prolonged slouch position, and helps improve blood flow into the area to help recovery. Advice and exercises are always given to help improve postural issues.

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