Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is normally occurs due to compromised shoulder position and is very common in the over 40’s. The shoulder is a very complex structure. It has incredible mobility, but at the cost of stability. The shoulder joint cannot be looked at in isolation, and should be assessed in relation to the shoulder blade, bicep and neck mobility. It isn’t unusual for a “slouched posture” to contribute to shoulder pain due to changes in shoulder position.

Shoulder pain relief in Bracknell

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be referred from the Liver, Gall Bladder and Heart, so it is important to get shoulder pain assessed quickly and diagnosed properly.

If you have decreased movement, pain, pins and needles or decreased strength in the shoulder or arm we can help. Shoulder pain commonly wakes people during the night, As with most issues, the longer things are left, the longer it normally takes to get the issue resolved.

Commonly diagnosed issues that we can help with include shoulder impingement and frozen shoulder.

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