Sports Injury

Sports injury is very much an umbrella term used to describe an injury that happens while playing sports or training. Working from a gym I see all sorts of problems from muscle strains, joint sprains, hip and groin pain, a variety of tendonitis issues, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, as well as various bursitis, and many others on a weekly basis.

Osteopathy is useful for addressing imbalances in the body that often come to the fore when people start to train, or increase the intensity of their training or sporting activity.

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Sports Injury

Two examples where a sports injury could be occur –

1. An imbalance in the pelvis can make people more predisposed to leg muscle strains when running and low back pain when squatting or doing deadlifts.

2. Shoulder muscle imbalances can predispose people to shoulder pain and impingement, particularly when training above head height.

Once the body has been treated and any biomechanical issues resolved, rehabilitation exercises and stretches can be given to prepare the body to return to activity again.

I regularly treat marathon runners, power lifters, personal trainers, triathletes, footballers and cyclists for all sorts of issues. When competitions are approaching I will often work with a client to help them stay injury free and performing to their optimum.

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