client testimonials“Cliff’s treatment couldn’t have been better timed! I had injured my lower back at work a day before, but also needed to be on a long haul flight to NZ the following day to attend a family funeral. So I was not only in pain, but also under a lot of stress given my recent loss. Cliff was very understanding about my situation, he worked not only on my lower back, but also helped relieve tension through my neck and shoulders as well. Following the session, I could move normally again, the pain was gone, and I also felt a lot calmer and more relaxed, really happy with the result!” Paul Russell – Performer – West End Theatre Production

client testimonials “I have had several problems over the past few years. One being a pain in the top of my right arm. Reaching over from the front seat to the back seat of the car I pulled a muscle, making it very painful to lift my arm above my head. This made washing, brushing my hair and putting my arm behind my back very difficult. After two treatments all is well! The other problem was a pain in my left groin over 4 years. I’ve had various tests over the time. Ultrasound scans, and more recently a Herniogram, all with negative results.  It tuned out that my pelvis was out of line. After one treatment, sorted! I can now weed and dig the garden, and anything else that involves bending and twisting. Brilliant. Thank you so much.” Jan, Hillingdon.

client testimonialsCraig came to see me two weeks after he had hurt his back following some heavy gardening work. “I was suffering with pain in my lower back and went to see Mr Bennett. After one treatment I was sent me on my way with some instructions on some exercises to carry out for a few days and VOILA! Within two days the pain had started to ease off and within a week it had gone completely. Very impressed.”  Craig, Bracknell.

client testimonials“Seen Cliff Bennett from H&C Osteopathy in Bracknell inside The Gym twice now. My back felt instantly better from my first appointment with him. Definitely recommend! Amazing service and will continue to see him.”

G Horsley, Bracknell.


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