Trapped Nerve

People often describe the feeling of a trapped nerve in their neck, normally worse when they are looking over their shoulder (when reversing the car or changing lanes).

In reality, a trapped nerve is used to describe a “Radiculopathy”, which is pain, weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles, and can originate anywhere along the spine.

Trapped Nerve pain relief in Bracknell

Nerve can become “trapped” exiting the spine

It is often caused by mechanical compression of a nerve as it exits the spine, commonly due to muscle tension, spinal disc bulges, and facet joint (a small joint of the spine) irritation or degeneration.

The pain or other symptoms often radiate to the part of the body which the nerve innervates. Commonly if it is in the neck, you may feel symptoms in your arms, if it is in your mid back you may experience rib pain, or in the low back you may experience issues in the legs or buttocks (sciatica).

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