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Welcome to H&C Osteopathy. The practice was established in Bracknell in 2014 by Cliff Bennett and can be found at “The Gym” on Twin Bridges roundabout close to the town centre.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that can help with all sorts of muscle and joint pain. We don’t just treat backs!

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Why should I visit an Osteopath?

At the root of any treatment should be an accurate diagnosis of your problem. Osteopaths are not only trained to diagnose structural issues, we are also trained to diagnose disease processes and are able to refer you onward to other medical professionals when required. A diagnosis by a qualified person should always be sought if you are suffering pain, discomfort or have become injured.

At H&C Osteopathy, because our assessment includes a global look at how your body is moving, you will not only receive a diagnosis of the tissues causing symptoms, but more importantly why those tissues are in trouble in the first place. If the “bit that hurts” is the only area that is treated, ignoring the underlying cause, the problem is likely to return time and time again.

Shoulder Pain
The shoulder joint has the widest range of motion of any joint in the body. Unfortunately increased mobility also comes with instability and an increased chance of injury. Typical issues include Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Impingement, as well as the more common rotator cuff strains.
Tendonitis typically occurs due to over use of an area, or from a traumatic onset. Commonly repetitive movements, poor posture at work or poor form playing sports can lead to tendonitis. Commonly seen conditions include tennis elbow and achilles pain.
Back and neck pain
There are many reasons for back and neck pain. Establishing which tissues are causing the pain (and why) is the first step in establishing a treatment plan and effective treatment.
Sports Injury
As well as traumatic onset, sports injuries can often occur due to imbalances within the body which are then exacerbated during training.
Referred pain
Referred pain (or more accurately “radicular pain”), can include pain, weakness, numbness and tingling along the path of a nerve. Commonly this will be observed down the back of the leg (sciatica) or pain into the shoulder blade or into the hands.
Some headaches arise from issues in the upper neck. Nerve irritation in the upper neck can lead to headaches similar to migraines or stress headaches.
Trapped Nerve
Sharp pain on movement is often described as a “Trapped Nerve”. Accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause is needed to establish effective treatment.
Poor Posture
Posture advice to help avoid headaches and muscle strain

About us

H&C Osteopathy is dedicated to providing the highest level Osteopathic treatment and patient care. By maintaining a friendly, flexible, effective service, we strive to ensure our patients gain maximum benefits whilst attending the minimum number of treatment sessions.
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5 star customer satisfaction

Professional, friendly service that I’d highly recommend. I Was really impressed with the treatment I received and felt so much better after just the first session.

Always feel great after a session. He always wants to get to the root of the problem not just fix what is wrong but also fix why its going wrong

As an ex professional sportsman I can’t recommend highly enough the service provided by H&C Osteopathy. Professionalism on another level. “Need we say more”

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