Health Conditions

Osteopathy is effective in the treatment of many types of muscle and joint pain.

The philosophy of Osteopathy means that we focus on treating “the person”, not a condition. The best way of thinking about this is that the “health condition” you are diagnosed with, is actually a symptom of your body not working properly.

Below is a list of links to some of the “Health Conditions” (symptoms!) and issues that I often see in clinic.

If part your body has an issue (maybe due to prolonged poor posture for example), it may well be that it  is unable to meet the functional demands you place upon it. The function of that area starts to break down and a cascade of dysfunction then proceeds to happen, where the lack of function in one area has a knock on effect to another.

This often results in areas of pain and inflammation. The big question here that needs to be addressed is WHY does that area have an issue? What has happened that means the supply to the area (adequate blood, drainage and nerve innervation) has been compromised and unable to meet the demand?

As a classical Osteopath, I always treat the whole body to optimise blood and lymphatic flow, and to try to make sure that the nerve innervation is unimpeded, as well as providing palliative treatment to the area that hurts. The aim is two fold. Firstly “the bit that hurts” starts to feel better. Secondly, there is less chance of the problem reoccurring if the underlying cause is addressed.