Deep Tissue Massage

H&C Osteopathy offers deep soft tissue massage which can either be used to compliment your osteopathic treatment, or as a standalone therapy. Using my knowledge of anatomy gained in my Osteopathic training, I am able to target deeper tissues than normal massage. This can be  useful for breaking down adhesions within the muscle to help relieve pain and improve muscle function.

Deep Soft Tissue Massage


Some of my clients like to combine massage sessions in with their normal Osteopathic treatment, particularly those who are training hard for competitions, either in the build up to, or during the recovery after the event.

Whilst massage is helpful for short term relief and a good adjunct in treatment, I firmly believe Osteopathic treatment is without doubt the best long term solution for injury recovery and prevention.

Deep tissue massage can help with:

  • Postural fatigue
  • Repetitive strain injury, such as tennis elbow
  • Limited joint movement, due to muscle tension or spasm
  • Recovering from injury or trauma (sports injury – pre/post event)
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Improve blood flow to muscles

Or simply relieving normal day to day muscle tension and stress.


40 minute session – £40
Ideal for specific body parts (ie back\neck\shoulders)

60 minute session – £50
Useful if you have multiple areas that you feel need attention (ie legs, back, neck, shoulders)